Saturday, July 16, 2005

White Trash Day Care Center

Back at the contractor bar, most these guys got an old lady, legal or not, and they got a kid or two before he ties up his nuts in a vain attempt to get more action because they cannot afford nor do they want more kids. Now a steady working contractor makes okay, he ain't rich, but he likes to spend like he is. So he's got a new truck decked out in all the most pointless of truck accessories, plus a car for the wife and kid(s). His house is a fixer-upper that rarely gets fixed up as most of his free time is spent drinking, or recovering from drinking. And if wifey works, they have a couple wave runners or other useless waste of machinery that occupies their time as well.

But mostly what they got is a lot of bills and sometimes that paycheck don't stretch so far. And, they all have a tab at some bar (maybe a couple) so when bills get tight and they want to feed the kids and get out as well, they bring them to the Snug and put it on their tab.

Since this is a contractor bar, same rules apply, you run into a reg or a friend, start talking, the kids finish their chicken strips and fries and become bored with NASCAR and begin wanderingm around the dank and smoke filled bar in search of amusement. Maybe they'll start rolling the pool balls on the tables in the middle of a game, maybe they'll hover over some poor soul trying to play pinball.

And this goes on for a couple hours until the kids start whining, then mom or dad yell at the kids and they all leave pissed off.


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