Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Farewell To The Mating Ritual

Chris the Clown lost his parents to a drunk driver and began swimming in a pool of drugs, alcohol and self-pity. That would only numb the pain, the next day nothing had changed, so the whole thing began again. Eventually, the buzz was all that was important to him, more important than his only child, who now was also losing a parent. But it was harder for his son as his dad was still alive, just choosing to live under a viaduct rather than remaining a productive member of society.
Choosing homelessness and substance abuse is not very attractive to the opposite sex, in order for one to live this existential lifestyle one must give up on going through the rituals of attraction that unite two souls united in the pleasure of the flesh. Pity is not a healthy way to have a relationship, it leads to frustration on the part of the pitier, and is negative reinforcement for the pitied.


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