Sunday, July 24, 2005

"When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Just Like You. Daddy"

Tim was a talented musician who could play damn near any instrument by ear and play it well. He was also a gifted artist with a sharp intellect.
Unfortunately for Tim, his parents divorced, his daddy remarried and emotionally disowned Tim by telling him "I never wanted to have you in the first place". His dad told him this when he was drunk, he would get drunk and mean.
Tim had problems of his own, as do most talented people, he abused every substance that came along.
One time, I had a "showing" of my work at local "coffee house". One of the pieces in it was the aforementioned "Devour By Convenience", which I was asking $500.00 for, as I really didn't want to sell it as I had just made it and was quite proud of it.
One day, I went to said place to find that the piece was missing, somebody stole it. I was pissed as the only witness to the theft was a certifiable nut case with green teeth who slept in a garbage heap in the back of the coffee house. I took all my paintings home and vowed never to darken their door again.
A couple days later, I went outside to find that it was mysteriously returned to me. Half an hour later, Tim's roommate Larry stopped by. I could tell the way that he was measuring my reactions, Tim had sent him over to observe. So I acted all relieved that 'someone' had returned it.
"But, I just wondered, how did they know where I live?" I wondered out loud, all naive-like.
"Maybe, someone took at as a joke, " offered Larry." Like maybe they thought you were asking too much for it."
Tim later apologized for it, drunk at a punk rock bar one night, but I had already painted this picture. I saw Tim very much like the dad he hated so. Last year, in the spring, Tim's dad passed on, leaving Tim a couple hundred thousand dollars. So he bought a house. One night, the heroin dealer came over with some good stuff and warned Tim, don't too much, it hasn't been stomped on too many times. Tim went in the bedroom to split it up for he and his friend. Instead he did it all. Not more than six months after his father died, Tim was gone , too. What a waste!


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